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Cat Breeds

Cats are ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle. They enjoy the high life in a penthouse apartment but are equally happy in a large house with a backyard. Cats can be playful or peaceful, talkative or quiet, but they are always affectionate and love nothing more than someone who is happy to provide endless attention.

Yet a cat is not just a cat! Breeds vary in size, coat lengths, personalities, colours and coat patterns. No matter what you fancy, there is a cat to suit you and your lifestyle. Below is a list of links to Australia’s peak cat breeding clubs and associations as well as some terrific sites with cat breed information. Or if you want some more information on a particular breed, there is a comprehensive list on the right of this page.


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WHISKAS® : Cat Breeds
We have featured some of the most popular cat breeds in the WHISKAS Breed Profiles to help you learn more about cats. ..
Cats in Victoria (FCCV)
For further information about Cats and breeders in Victoria please contact the Feline Control Council of Victoria or one of their registered breeders …
Cats in South Australia (GCCFSA)
For further information about Cats and breeders in South Australia please contact the GCCFSA or one of their affiliated breeders…
Australian National Cats Inc.
Find breeders via the Kittens links