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Pets in Strata

Owning a pet in a strata community requires a commitment to responsible pet management, and a willingness to listen to the views of other members of your community. A good way to support pet ownership and clearly communicate the rules around pet management in a strata community is to have a formal process where pets can be approved or disapproved on a case-by-case basis, and also an agreement as to how pets will be managed.

To assist this process PIAS and SCA have created a pet application form that provides an opportunity for pet owners to present relevant and specific information relating to individual animals.  This not only makes it easier for potential pet owners to apply to the owner’s corporation, but also for the owner’s corporation to have all the information they need to make a decision about that particular pet.

A pet agreement form has also been developed to enable the owner’s corporation to clearly detail their expectations of how pets will be kept and managed once they are approved.  The forms can be modified to suit the needs of individual strata communities.

Pet application and agreement forms – Facts and Tips

Pet Application and Agreement Form pdf

Pet Application and Agreement Form editable Word Document


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