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Publications & Information

Research shows that there are a range of physical and emotional benefits associated with pet ownership. There are also many publications that can assist pet owners and others care for pets. Some of the key publications are available below.

Recommended Reading

Try our interactive Shelter Map to find a pet for adoption near you.

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 10

Shelter staff work incredibley hard to re-home and reduce the number of cats entering shelters, which will, in turn, reduce euthanasia rates.

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 9

While shelter staff are aware of the health needs of animals in their care, the importance of maintaining a healthy animal shelter can be easily overlooked.

For many decades, researchers from many fields have been studying the benefits of pets to people.  A large body of this research is available to assist professionals, journalists and researchers.


The “Living Well Together” handbook has been designed to assist local authorities and other interested parties tap into an often under-utilised avenue for building sense of community and social capital – the power of pets.


The Dogs’n’Kids Program promotes responsible dog ownership, dog bite prevention and appropriate pet selection. This program has been available since 1999 and was revised in 2002 and again in 2009. The information kit includes a booklet and poster for health professionals plus a brochure for parents. The brochures are also available in five community languages (Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic and Turkish).  The 2009 project also includes the reviewed targeted languages other than English to ensure promotion of information to new and emerging communities.

Dogs ‘n’ Kids Resource Kit

Download (PDF)


Dogs ‘n’ Kids Brochure

EnglishArabic ChineseItalianTurkishVietnamese


Dogs ‘n’ Kids Poster

Download (PDF)

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 8

How can we increase the chances of dogs and cats getting along together?  This edition has some simple tips to ensure newly adopted animals have a good start.


Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 7

Australian research has identified some important factors contributing to dogs entering shelters




Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 6

Each year thousands of cats are relinquished to animal shelters – but scientific research tells us that the causes are many and varied.



Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 5

Do first impressions count?  Research has found that adopters seek a dog that is approachable, friendly and intelligent without being dangerous or aggressive.