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Publications & Information

Research shows that there are a range of physical and emotional benefits associated with pet ownership. There are also many publications that can assist pet owners and others care for pets. Some of the key publications are available below.

Recommended Reading

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 4

Shelter stress can create significant welfare problems and have a negative impact on re-homing.  Minimising the negatives is critical in good shelter management.



Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 3

This edition focuses on looking after the people who work in shelters – staff and volunteers.  Managing eager volunteers and avoiding compassion fatigue make for a better shelter.

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 2

Environmental and social enrichment can have positive effects on shelter dogs – understanding how to do this can dramatically improve welfare.



Shelter Research 1Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 1

A look at how behavioural assessment can be used to improve rehoming of shelter dogs, while lifting morale of staff and volunteers.



A guide to integrating domestic pets into new residential developments




A design and management guide for open space professionals and local government






This brochure looks at some important facts about pets and people, and provides useful information on how property owners and managers can benefit from having a policy which allows for tenants with pets



Finding pet friendly rental accomodation is not always easy. This brochure aims to assist you in the search.






Held at Deakin University in 2007 – an explanation of how we might restore community connections, reduce physical inactivity and improve wellbeing through simple means: planning for people, pets, and public open space.


A 1992 study of our attitudes to cat and dog ownership:

– Motivations and Benefits Of Ownership

– The Personal, familial and Social Context