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Play Australian Online Pokies To Win Real Money

In both land based and online casinos, video pokie games are extremely popular. In America, even around 70 percent of casino revenues come from these devices. Of course, today’s video pokie games originated from the well-known pokie machines, which still worked with a physical mechanism rather than a computer-controlled animation. Nowadays there are many variants of video pokie games available from various land based and online providers. In this article you will read all about it. We will first explain what video pokie games are and discuss their origin. After that we will discuss the different types and the best known providers of the moment.

History of Video Pokies

Video pokie games can be seen as the digitized versions of fruit machines. These pokie machines are also called one-armed bandits, pokie machines or just pokie machines in Australia. The machines were introduced in New York as early as 1891 and rapidly became very popular worldwide. The first ones were given the name ‘liberty bell’. At that time, the pokie machines were mainly found in pubs and with a winning combination you could for example earn a free beer. The term one-armed bandit stems from the fact that a lever had to be pulled to move the reels and that pokie machines, just like a bandit, could take a lot of money from players. The classic ‘liberty bell’ pokie machines are still in circulation and are restored and resold by enthusiasts. Take a look at the movie below to get an idea of the beautiful craftsmanship and mechanics behind these machines.

Online Pokie Explanation

There is such a wide range of different types of online pokies, that it’s easy to lose track of them. Video pokie games consist of various roles with symbols on them. There are at least three reels. Many games now use four or five reels. If the right symbols appear in the right order on the reels after your spin, you win your bet back in multiples. How much you can win depends on the height of your bet and the video pokie you play. Video pokies nowadays play with a so-called Random Number Generator. This makes the outcome as random as possible. Many of the latest video pokie games are beautifully designed and have an elaborate theme with music and animations. This makes them fun to play because of the winnings, but also because of the beautiful appearance.

Different Types of Pokie Machines

There is a great variety of pokie machines and nowadays it is possible to include anything in a pokie machine. Roughly speaking, pokie machines are divided into two groups: pokies with reels (pokie machines) and video animations (video machines). Traditionally, reels have been played and on the side of the pokie machine there is often an arm with which the reels can be turned. Later on, video machines were introduced which work by means of a screen. Both of these have much more possibilities, even to show movies in between, because everything is computer-controlled. The video pokie machines usually have a certain theme, such as the Middle Ages, famous TV stars or cartoon characters, etc. The other casino games can also be found in video machines, such as:
  • Bingo Pokie Machines Roulette Pokie Machines Blackjack Pokie Machines Video Poker Pokie Machines Bingo Pokie Machines

The Operation of an Online Pokie Machine

Australian online pokies work just like a traditional pokie machine. However, because a digital pokie machine is much easier to customize than a real fruit machine, there is a multitude of versions, designs and variations. A pokie machine basically works with three or more reels with different symbols. One obtains playing points by inserting coins, and play by pressing the start button (or pulling the handle on the side – this is what the original pokie machine owes its name to “the one-armed bandit”). On this, the reels rotate independently of each other and eventually come to a standstill in turn. For three of the same symbols in a horizontal row, and for some online pokie machines also in a diagonal row, the player wins points.
No one can say for sure, but there is a story going around that the “old” pokies have a lower payout percentage than the “new” video pokies. The old pokie machines have a very outdated technology and have few possibilities to make adjustments. The new video pokies are completely computer-controlled, so that the software can always be adjusted.
In the past, it was sometimes anticipated that a pokie machine would become empty or had been filled by a previous player. In casinos, it doesn’t matter anymore whether a previous player won a lot or nothing at all, because every spin or spin is completely random. In addition, casinos continuously monitor pokie machines so that no one pokie machine can get empty.
If you’re going for the mega jackpot, don’t forget to play the maximum bet. It has happened more than once in Holland Casino that players do not play the maximum bet, but have the right combination on the reels. This initially brings joy, then the confusion follows and eventually the player is left disappointed and angry. Had only played with the maximum bet!

Playing Mobile Video Pokies

Video pokies – also called online pokies – have been playing online on your computer for a long time. You can also play pokies on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). So you can not only at home, but at any time, and wherever you are, you can enjoy an exciting game.

Touch Version Pokie

Nowadays, most video pokies for the online casino are also specially developed for your smartphone. The ‘touch versions’ of the pokies adapt precisely to the screen of your phone. Software providers recognize the importance of developing this game for the phone as players increasingly value flexibility and don’t want to be tied to a place to play a game.

Even Bigger Pokie Winnings

The amount of your winnings depends on your own bet. This is one of the reasons why playing video pokies is so much fun. You can influence your results by playing Max Bet. You will find this feature on all video pokies. It allows you to aim for higher prices with a higher risk. Then there are free rounds in which you can make even bigger winnings.

Big Pokie Prizes

With both classic pokies and jackpots pokies, the higher your wager, the greater the chance of winning big prizes. While the chances of actually winning that coveted jackpot are not great of course, the prize associated with it is something to dream about.

Progressive Jackpot Pokie

The progressive jackpot of the video pokie games increases with each player’s bet. That regularly shoots up to the many millions of euros. The mere idea that there is a chance of winning such a life-changing amount is a motivation for many players to choose a jackpot pokie.

Payout Online Casino Pokie

Most casinos have a payout rate for their pokies of 96% to 98%, which is higher than the payout rate for pokie machines in hospitality venues. There this percentage is usually around 68%. A good reason, therefore, to gamble on online video pokies, rather than on a pokie machine in a gaming hall. Another reason to play online pokies is, of course, the fact that you can win money from the comfort of your own comfortable chair at home (or even on the go with your mobile).

Still Growing Popularity

The best online casinos all have quite a few video pokies in their range. That’s because these games are popular and they are getting better and better. It’s really nice to see how the best software providers are doing everything they can to keep challenging players. For example, new elements are constantly being added to make sure that your winnings increase faster. Think of extra features like Wild symbols, Scatters, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, Bonus games and much more.

Online Pokie Symbols and Features

Wild symbols function in the same way in every video pokie. They serve as a kind of joker. When you play a video pokie, the important thing is that you form winning lines. Sometimes these are formed from left to right across the playing surface, but sometimes also in all other directions such as diagonal or inverted from right to left. It is true that each pokie is different in one way or another, but so are the Wild symbols, these replace all other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Scatters.

Pokie Scatters

Then what are those Scatters we keep hearing about? That’s a good question, because even the Scatters can often be found on the best video pokies. These give you free spins with every kind of pokie game. The more chance you have of spinning the reels, the more chance you have of forming a winline at some point. As you can see, all the extra features such as Wilds and Scatters work together to boost your chances of winning.

Pokie Free spins

In the most common case a number of 3 Scatters are required to run for free. The free spins are also available in the form of a bonus. For example, launches of new games are often accompanied by free spins. These are great opportunities to see if a pokie is right for you.

Pokie Bonus

Many pokie machines have also added extra bonus games that are sometimes activated randomly and sometimes by rotating a certain symbol. Also for all video pokies, all symbols have a different value. This means that one symbol is more desirable to rotate on the reels than the other. Of course, all of this ensures that the tension remains there.

Online Pokie Settings

With the many pokies you can adjust specific settings. Some players like to play during a nice soundtrack, while others prefer to play in silence and get satisfaction from the design to enjoy the game. Below you can find the game settings that you can apply to the online video pokies to customize the game to your liking. Sound on and off Intro on or off Automatic play View game history Max Bet

Summary about Online Pokies

Because we understand that it is not easy for you to find your way around the maze of online pokies, we have created an overview explaining the different types of online pokies on offer and online pokie machines with progressive jackpot and bonuses. You can even test these out for free to see which ones you prefer to play on. Of course, we are constantly testing all online pokie machines and, through our Top-List, we show you the way to only the best online casinos with the highest quality software and the highest casino bonuses! Play pokies online at our recommended online casinos and you are assured of a safe and enjoyable gambling experience – and with a little luck you’ll win the Jackpot!