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Research shows that there are a range of physical and emotional benefits associated with pet ownership. There are also many publications that can assist pet owners and others care for pets. Some of the key publications are available below.

Recommended Reading

The role of pets in the lives of the aged is particularly significant for those who live in a nursing home or in some situation of assisted care. Numerous studies show pets provide one of the few interventions capable of permanently lifting the atmosphere of hospices and nursing homes. Despite all this evidence, many nursing homes still do not allow pets, and fear of giving up their animal companion is a serious concern for many in the community.

For older people still living in their own home, pet ownership has many benefits including social facilitation and companionship as well as increased activity levels.

Internationally regarded town planner, Virginia Jackson, delivers a set of contemporary housing design guidelines that considers the valuable role that companion animals play in our domestic lives.

Searchable summaries of academic papers on the relationships between people and companion animals

Research and information on the role of companion animals in Australia, including the latest stats on pet ownership

pitc small logoPrepared by PIAS to assist people residing in higher density living to enjoy the many benefits offered by pets

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 13

What happens when a large welfare shelter partners with a chain of pet stores to rehome more animals?

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 14

In our final edition we look at increasing canine adoptions and reducing returns.

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 12

It’s extremely important to cultivate happiness in the workplace

Shelter Research Newsletter – Edition 11

Few topics are as emotive as the management of unowned cats and their colonies